Rod Shegem is a professional based in Huntington Beach, California.  A seasoned Racing Director with years of experience in the automotive industry, Rod has made a name for himself at Dime Racing (an Irvine, California-based company) and beyond.

Rod has always enjoyed racing (he fondly remembers watching Formula One as a child, which sparked his interest). Yet he also wanted to learn how to work on cars, as this is his passion. He spent a long time learning how to do this, working alongside skilled engineers who showed him the ropes. He began as a mechanic and from there, he became a Research and Development Manager at Saleen, an American manufacturer of specialty sports cars and automotive parts. He served as Director of Production at Saleen until 2010.

Eventually Rod was able to build a large network of great people, culling many key experiences along the way that continue to shape his professional methods to this day. His friends and contacts spanned Mercedes AMG, Lamborghini, and many others — allowing him to dive into the world of luxury, high performance automotive brands. As someone who has never been afraid to take risks and pursue his dreams, Rod was able to eventually gather all of the skilled people he knew and start a race team that was very successful even despite its newness. They managed to secure sponsorship and high exposure on and off the field, including in video games!

In addition to his history in racing, Rod loves to go kayaking. There are so many spots for him to explore right near him in California, including Dana Point Harbor (also known as the “Whale Capital of the West”), Newport Beach, San Clemente, Huntington Beach (right where he lives), and of course Balboa Island, which is tucked in the harbor of Huntington Beach.

Rod Shegem is an avid traveler as well. As someone who emigrated to the United States many years ago, he understands on an intimate level how important and how exciting it is to immerse oneself in new places and cultures. He travels whenever he can, and is often accompanied by his family. Rod also enjoys soccer.

Rod created this blog to share some of his favorite personal hobbies and interests, including relaxing with his family, going to the many beaches that California has to offer, and more. For more about Rod, check out his professional overview website or his racing blog.

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