A lot of things have changed about the way we travel. For one thing, technology has made it safer, more convenient, and more comfortable. For another, the amount of items you can take on the plane with you gets smaller every year. As carry-on restrictions make our bags smaller and smaller, we have to be choosier about which items we take on board.

Luckily, technology offers many small items for our convenience. Some of the top travel gadgets make it easier for us to stay connected, bring the things we need, and do it all in a much smaller package.

  1. A Rechargeable USB Phone Charger

When you’re traveling, your phone is your way to connect with others, listen to music, read the news, watch videos, and download the boarding tickets for your flights. Once you arrive at your destination, you need to have some battery leftover to use it for GPS and connecting with your accommodation.

Luckily, there is no reason to worry about keeping your phone charged if you have a rechargeable USB phone charger. Anker has one that fits inside your pocket and costs only $32.

  1. A Wireless Travel Router

You can find free, public wireless internet in a lot of places in the world, but do you want to be tracking those networks down while you’re traveling? While many airports are offering free internet, others charge by the minute.

There are many options for wireless travel routers these days that are small enough to fit in your pocket. They give you the chance to sign on and do things like backup your travel photos, download some new music and transfer files wirelessly between your devices. When you travel further afield and are on a cruise or somewhere rural, you’ll appreciate having the chance to connect.

  1. An eReader

Having an e-reader while you travel gives you a way to relax without being on your phone and all the distractions it brings. Kindle and Kobo e-readers are small and slim enough to not take up much space in your bag for all the entertainment they offer. It’s also a way to keep some guidebooks on hand without taking up space and weight in your carry-on.

  1. Collapsible Water Bottle

It’s important not to use single-use plastic bottles, but refillable water bottles take up a ton of carry-on luggage space. This is why Nomander invented their shatter-proof bottle that folds down to ⅕ its size. It’s a soft silicone that is still durable and dishwasher safe. You can collapse the container while you’re going through security, and once you’re through, fill the bottle up so you are ready to stay hydrated during your flight without paying for the expensive airplane water.