Group and family traveling pushes individuals out of comfort zones by spending time in a new destination. Go another step further to test mental, physical, financial, spiritual, and street-smart limits by traveling alone. Solo travel forces the individual to learn more about him or herself in a sink-or-swim situation with no safety net. If the outcome isn’t ideal, traveling forces the individual to mature and become a better person from those experiences. Who is this person?

More Confident

A new city, a new state, and a new neighborhood are the breeding ground for confidence, and an individual builds it by solving city navigation and having random conversations with strangers. Relying on GPS, developing social skills, and channeling intuition to avoid seedy situation are starting points toward healthy self-confidence. Continued reliance on oneself during calm and stressful situations will turn into confidence.

More Comfortable in Own Skin

It’s intimidating to travel alone. The traveler must sightsee, dine, and learn new things alone in an unfamiliar city. It’s enough to scare people away from traveling alone. Don’t get discouraged. Solo traveling is about enjoyment. The awkwardness fades because city residents don’t know the traveler or don’t care. In its place comes awareness. Frequent awareness of surroundings with an emphasis on detail forces travelers to get comfortable in their skin with or without a group.

More Free, Less Drama

The freedom to travel alone is liberating. Solo traveling means individuals don’t have to follow the majority vote, deal with other people’s attitudes, or stick with another person’s itinerary. If a group or family member doesn’t get their way during the trip, there’s a strain between that person and everyone else. In summary, the solo traveler is the boss. Solo travelers go where they please on their time.

More Humble

Embrace reflection and solitude. It will help individuals understand their personality, learn from their mistakes, develop new problem-solving strategies, stay humble, and find happiness. The teaching moment will ease the mind because traveling forces individuals to face their mistakes (large and small) and overcome it without a second opinion or judgmental family/friends. Besides, it’s likely those mistakes won’t repeat because it’s rare to see those same people again.

The person who returned evolved from the person who left. Not that personal growth is a bad thing, but traveling solo brings the wiser, tougher, smarter, and open-minded side out of everyone who attempts it. Lose nothing, gain everything, and be a better person for it.