Despite the fact that only 3 out of 1000 passengers have to deal with lost luggage, there are plenty of horror stories to go around. All it takes is one mistake for your vacation or business trip to turn into a disaster, and taking measures to prevent the worst from happening doesn’t have to be costly. If you’re concerned about the loss of luggage, emerging technologies allow you to track where your bags are more accurately. Here are five of the best trackers on the market today.

  1. LugLoc Luggage Locator

LugLoc’s devices are some of the most convenient trackers on the market, and that’s because they sync with a device that most travelers have on them at all times. The LugLoc is compact, portable, and able to slip right into your bag, and it can be located through a simple phone app. The rechargeable battery can last for 15 days, and it can be charged with a simple USB cord.

  1. Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Similarly to LugLoc, Trakdot’s devices coordinate directly with your phone via an app, but they rely on GSM technology to provide you with GPS coordinates. The Trakdot tracker will automatically go into airplane mode when it’s put in the airplane compartment and go back to operations as soon as it reaches the ground. It operates using a SIM card similar to what you’d find in a phone and AA batteries.

  1. Spytech Tracker

The Spytech Tracker is designed to track just about anything, so you can get utility out of it even when you aren’t flying. The waterproof and magnetic case make it more durable than many other trackers, and its GPS coordinates can be tracked via phone, tablet, or computer. It can also archive up to a year’s worth of data and produce customizable results about your travels.

  1. Smart Unit Blue

As long as your luggage is somewhere with a GSM or GPRS network, you can find it within seconds with the Smart Unit Blue. And while it’s excellent for tracking luggage over a long distance, it also offers a couple of perks for when it’s closer. You can tether it via Bluetooth so that it will send you an alert if it goes out of range or if someone opens up the bag outside of your line of sight.

  1. Keynice GPS Luggage Tracker

This tracker refreshes its information every minute so that you have accurate data practically in real time. And that data is comprehensive. You can determine with a glance the time, battery power, and location of your luggage, and you can also set a designated Geo-zone that will send you an alert when your package moves from an assigned distance.