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National Park Spotlight Grand Canyon

National Park Spotlight: The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, is a well known national park throughout the United States. It’s popular to the point that Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon state. This canyon is two hundred seventy-seven miles long and eighteen miles wide. The Grand Canyon has been a national park since February 26th, 1919. Both […]

Top Travel Apps

Top Travel Apps

Travelers use their smartphones for virtually everything from learning local phrases to catching a cab. Since they use their phones to check the status of an upcoming flight, check baggage, and book a hotel room, it makes sense that the whole trip usually begins with a favorite travel app. Here is a look at the […]

Carry On Gadgets Rod Shegem

4 Must-Have Carry-On Travel Gadgets

A lot of things have changed about the way we travel. For one thing, technology has made it safer, more convenient, and more comfortable. For another, the amount of items you can take on the plane with you gets smaller every year. As carry-on restrictions make our bags smaller and smaller, we have to be […]

Us Tours Rod Shegem

5 U.S. Tours to Add to Your Bucket List

Experience the sights, history, and culture of America‚Äôs cities by embarking on exciting and unique tours that create memories for a lifetime. From pub crawls amid haunted locations to bicycling through wine country, here are five U.S. tours that everyone will love. Ghost Tour in Savannah, Georgia Journey into the dark and troubled past of […]

Soccer Podcasts Rod Shegem

Podcasts for Every Soccer Appetite

The world’s most popular sport just got more exciting thanks to Player FM’s list of Best US Soccer Podcasts, the best way to catch up on soccer news, discover game streams, and gain insights from some of the country’s sharpest soccer minds. At Best US Soccer Podcasts, there is a little something for everyone, including […]

Winter Kayaking Rod Shegem

Winter Kayaking Tips

Kayaking in the winter can add an adventurous aspect to an otherwise familiar kayaking route. However, more preparation and knowledge is required to navigate a cold weather kayaking trip successfully. When preparing for this kind of activity, there are several aspects to be aware of that differ from kayaking in the warmer months. To ensure […]

Underrated Cities Rod Shegem

Most Underrated Cities in the World

Some travel-worthy cities seem to get skipped over by tourists naturally. Perhaps they have a bad rap from the past like Detroit which suffered from post-recession urban blight. Others may have needed a facelift to renovate and create more green spaces. Still, others could be overshadowed by closer, larger cities. Whatever the reason, here’s a […]

Solo Travel Rod Shegem

Advantages of Traveling Solo

Group and family traveling pushes individuals out of comfort zones by spending time in a new destination. Go another step further to test mental, physical, financial, spiritual, and street-smart limits by traveling alone. Solo travel forces the individual to learn more about him or herself in a sink-or-swim situation with no safety net. If the […]

Travel Documentaries Rod Shegem

Travel Documentaries You Need to Watch

Some people would love to travel but do not have the chance. Those that have watched a good travel documentary know that it is almost as satisfying as traveling in person. Travel documentaries are about visiting distant and sometimes dangerous places in the world that would usually be hard to go to. Those that want […]

Winter Destinations Rod Shegem

Stunning Winter Wonderland Destinations

At first glance, winter is a harsh and unforgiving season. Life seems to be buried underneath a mountain of snow and ice, and the chill in the air causes us all to stop and pause. When we stop and pause, however, we notice the quiet beauty that is all around us in winter. Whether you […]

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