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How The Arctic Ice Melting Will Worsen Climate Change

According to a new study, the melting of the permafrost is connected closely to the absence of Arctic sea ice. The study is significant because permafrost contains carbon in massive amounts; these will very likely release as the world heats up under the shifts of climate change. When this carbon finds its way into the […]

Why You Should Stop Ignoring The Plastic Pollution Epidemic

Why You Should Stop Ignoring The Plastic Pollution Epidemic

There is a current, world-wide crisis concerning plastic. Plastic is polluting our lands and bodies of water. Here are some reasons why you should stop ignoring the plastic epidemic. Chemicals Seep Into Things Plastic is full of chemicals that tend to seep into things and make things toxic. For example, the chemicals that come out […]

Why Investing In Green Transportation Will Halt Climate Change

Why investing in green transportation will halt climate change

It’s no secret that our planet is experiencing a global climate crisis. Report after report shows that greenhouse gas emissions are disrupting our planet’s protective ozone layer. Greenhouse gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane are in our atmosphere. This blanket of gasses traps the heat we get from the sun and keeps the climate warm and sustainable for current human life. Without this protective layer, the planet would be about 60 degrees cooler, which is too cold. The fact that we live inside a greenhouse is good. The problem is that we are thickening the protective blanket by emitting too many greenhouse gases. Our greenhouse is getting hotter. 

What We Know About Ocean Plastic Pollution Is Wrong

What We Know About Ocean Plastic Pollution Is Wrong

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have some knowledge about the extent of ocean plastic in our oceans and the devastating effect on our planet. There are innocent marine animals that are being killed daily by consuming single-use plastics or simply being caught in plastic items including turtles getting plastic objects stuck […]

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