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Finding A Career In Environmental Conservation

Finding a Career in Environmental Conservation

The urgent nature of climate change means that interest and opportunities in the field of environmental conservation are growing, but so is the competition. This means that people who want to enter this field need to have the right mix of knowledge and experience, even for entry-level positions. There could be dozens of applicants competing […]

How The World Can Run On Sustainable Fuel

How the World Can Run on Sustainable Fuel

Sustainable fuel, similar to stem cells, seems like the miracle solution for everyone’s transportation problems. Its use and production are growing all over the world. The entire world can run on the use of biofuels.   Types of Biofuels   The two main types of biofuels are bioethanol and biodiesel. These fuels are categorized into […]

Climate Change In Slow Motion

Climate Change in Slow Motion

It happens, and hardly anyone notices while it does. Summers from many years ago have been predictably warm – now, one year after the other, they are intense and scorching. Disastrous hurricanes and wildfires that displace thousands were once an occurrence every few years. Now, every hurricane season has those in vulnerable places thinking it […]

5 Ocean Pollution Facts Everyone Should Know

5 Ocean Pollution Facts Everyone Should Know

Pollution is a well-known and commonly talked about topic, especially in politics, and when it’s in reference to places that we can clearly see (such as cities, the sides of highways, or forests), we can gage at how serious the situation is. However, the ocean is expansive and just as mysterious to humanity as space […]

Impactful Quotes About Climate Change

Impactful Quotes About Climate Change

Words are powerful, especially when they come from influential people. When people in positions of power speak, the public listens that much closer to what they have to say and pay more attention to the subject that they’re talking about. For years, Leonardo Di Caprio, a famous Hollywood actor, was one of the sole celebrities […]

Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Tackle Climate Change

Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Tackle Climate Change

Earth is the only planet we have. Sure, scientists are exploring space to find other habitable worlds that humanity can settle on (such as Mars or the Moon), but until then, it’s our job to take care of the planet we call home. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs to make large donations to […]

How Climate Change Is Linked To Extreme Weather

How Climate Change is Linked to Extreme Weather

Over the past several years, the weather has been getting more severe. Heat waves, in particular, have made it difficult to be outside comfortably or without air conditioning, and as the Earth’s climate warms, this—along with other extreme weather patterns—is becoming increasingly common. Scientists identify extreme weather patterns by comparing them to what’s considered normal […]

How We Can Combat Air Pollutants And Climate Change (1)

The Effects of the Increases in Arctic Temperatures and What it Means for the World

Climate change experts have spent years, if not decades, warning the public about extreme weather potential. The effect of climate change has now become the most obvious in the northernmost parts of the planet. It is important to note first that hot weather near and above the arctic circle happens naturally at times. During the […]

How We Can Combat Air Pollutants And Climate Change

How We Can Combat Air Pollutants And Climate Change

Air pollution is one element of climate change leading to disastrous results. There are other elements that led to climate change, but air pollution is the most prominent. The damage caused by air pollution is irreversible. However, we understand more about the different elements of climate change. Each day, it seems scientists are researching solutions […]

3 Forms Of Ocean Pollutants How To Curb Them

3 Forms Of Ocean Pollutants: How To Curb Them

Pollution not only exists in the air. There are varying forms of pollution, including ocean pollution. Over the past couple of years, ocean pollution has increased ten-fold. There are different pollutants that are under the umbrella of ocean pollution. To eliminate and prevent ocean pollution, we must first understand the different pollutants. Listed below are […]

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