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President Biden's Climate Change Plan

President Joe Biden’s Plan Against Climate Change In 2021

In the United States, transportation is the nations’ main issuer of carbon dioxide. To change this requires a cooperative effort from multiple levels of the government. Together, they’d need to provide charging stations, clean energy technology, and electric vehicles, which are are all steps towards carbon-free transportation.

How Climate Change Is Linked To Extreme Weather

How Climate Change is Linked to Extreme Weather

Over the past several years, the weather has been getting more severe. Heat waves, in particular, have made it difficult to be outside comfortably or without air conditioning, and as the Earth’s climate warms, this—along with other extreme weather patterns—is becoming increasingly common. Scientists identify extreme weather patterns by comparing them to what’s considered normal […]

3 Forms Of Ocean Pollutants How To Curb Them (1)

How Our Food Supply Will Be Shaped From Climate Change

It’s no secret that climate change has an adverse effect on the future of our planet. From increasing temperatures to rising sea levels to melting ice caps, the effects of climate change are real. Depending on who you ask, the cause of climate change is still up for debate. Some say it’s a natural cause […]

How A New Invention Is Combating Ocean Pollution

How A New Invention Is Combating Ocean Pollution

Currently in the Netherlands, there is a system in the prototype phase that has shown signs of promise to finally combat the ocean plastic dilemma. A nonprofit firm called Ocean Cleanup says its system is able to pick up ocean waste and hold it until it is able to be picked up. The system is […]

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What Effect Does Carbon Dioxide Have on the Ocean?

Many people do not understand that the health of many things around the world largely depends on the health of the ocean. Over the years, the health of our waters is dwindling. As carbon dioxide continues to grow, the ocean is becoming more acidic and killing many of the creatures that live there. All of […]

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