The summer months often seem to encourage vacations, but whether you prefer adventure or beach lounging, autumn is the ideal time to travel for many hot locations. Below is a short list of some places to consider visiting this November.

Charleston, South Carolina

Peak tourist season for Charleston stretches into November, but don’t let that deter you. The mild temperatures and food-based events like Taste of Charleston are sure to please. Plus, you don’t want to miss the Charleston International Film Festival during the first week of November. For a sample of southern hospitality you won’t forget, visit Charleston this November.

Melbourne, Australia

Spring (September – December for Australia) is an ideal time to visit; as peak season occurs during their summer months, the crowds will be significantly less intense in November, and the weather will be much more manageable. Many holidays occur during the summer, but visiting in November will allow you to explore the city on foot or by bike, and Melbourne Music Week, an opportunity for 250 new and growing artists to perform, occurs right in the middle of the month. The city is alive in November, and visiting at this time will give you more opportunities to act like a local rather than a tourist.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Winter brings heavy rain for Argentina, so come spring in September, there are many public events like outdoor movie festivals that begin to crop up. Additionally, November is the ideal time for swimming in Argentina, as the temperature is steadily rising, and November marks the end of the mating season for the Southern Right Whales, so venturing to the beaches to go whale watching at this time is worthwhile. Spring is a lively time in Argentina, and while it isn’t peak travel season, November provides a variety of unique and exciting opportunities for travelers.

Lisbon, Portugal

This ancient city is a perfect destination. Though the chances of rain increase in autumn, November in Lisbon is ideal for travel – the temperatures begin to drop, hotel prices grow cheaper, and crowds are less likely. With the nicer weather, visiting Lisbon in November provides an opportunity to climb the seven hills for which the city is famous. There is no better time to travel to Portugal than mid-autumn.

Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

For those with a preference for the tropical, Peninsula Papagayo of Costa Rica is the place for you. Nestled in the ideal season, November provides a break from hot temperatures and intense rains. The tropical forests that populate the area are a sight to behold, and the beaches are as picturesque as they are pleasant to lounge upon. If a beach vacation is your ideal, visit Costa Rica in November for an experience unlike any other.