Air pollution is one element of climate change leading to disastrous results. There are other elements that led to climate change, but air pollution is the most prominent. The damage caused by air pollution is irreversible. However, we understand more about the different elements of climate change. Each day, it seems scientists are researching solutions to combat climate change. Now, new information surfaced about combating air pollutants and climate change that you can read about below. 

Going completely electric: 

It’s well documented that gasoline and diesel vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution. While we’ve been looking for alternatives like hybrids to make cars burn cleaner fuel, this only fixes the issue in the short-term. Moving vehicles to be completely electric is the long-term and more sustainable solution. In Shenzen, China, they moved all their fleet of diesel vehicles to electric vehicles. This change is expected to reduce CO2 emission into the atmosphere by 48%

Eliminate crop burning: 

It’s an unfortunate reality that crop burning occurs. The food supply system is not as efficient as it could be. There are a number of people who have limited access to food in their area. Educating farmers on various outlets to sell their crops and supporting their business slows down crop burning. Additionally, businesses and governments could offer incentives to farmers to use their waste for alternative motives. 

Reduce coal production: 

This last method for eliminating air pollution is the most difficult. A considerable amount of our energy still comes from coal plants. Renewable energy can’t compete with the infrastructure setup coal has. As more consumers stay at home due to the pandemic, energy consumption is up. This consumption shows no signs of slowing down. More investment should be poured into renewable energy to create the infrastructure to replace coal plants. Only then can we begin to slowly phase out coal plants and their production.