Climate change is currently one of the biggest threats to the human race. However, things are not hopeless even though there have been several years in a row of record high temperatures, drastically shifting sea levels and intense natural disasters. It is still possible to make changes that can slow or even reverse climate change. Of course, the most effective option would be enacting regulations on the massive corporations responsible for so much. Still, there are also some simple things people can do at home to make a difference.

Switch to Renewable Energy Sources

Burning fossil fuels is not just a problem because the planet is rapidly running out of these nonrenewable fuels. It is also an issue because that causes greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Those who can move to cleaner sources of energy, like solar or wind power, can do a lot to help with climate change. 

Reduce Meat Consumption

Factory farming meat requires the use of massive amounts of land and water while only providing 20 percent of the world’s calories. This means meat is less efficient than plant-based food, especially when it comes from larger animals. This does not necessarily mean everyone needs to become a strict vegan overnight. Just skipping meat for one day of the week or making more meals with poultry instead of red meat can make a huge difference.

Reduce Use of Single-Use Products

Single-use plastic products take a lot of energy to make and pollute the environment when discarded. Switching to reusable items, like cloth grocery bags instead of plastic, a reusable water bottle instead of plastic drink bottles, and reusable food storage containers instead of Ziploc bags can be an excellent place to start.

Make the Next Vehicle Purchase an Electric One

Transportation is currently the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Finding vehicles that do not run on petroleum-based fuel and combustion engines can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric car production is increasing now, but the main difficulty of owning one is finding a place to charge it if the car owner does not have a garage or outdoor outlet.