The Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, is a well known national park throughout the United States. It’s popular to the point that Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon state. This canyon is two hundred seventy-seven miles long and eighteen miles wide. The Grand Canyon has been a national park since February 26th, 1919. Both the North Rim and South Rim offer lodging and camping. The South Rim is open all year long while the North Rim is open just for the season. 

Reservations for lodging fill up exceptionally early, so reservations should be booked as soon as the day someone decides to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. The South Rim has free shuttle buses that will take lodgers to restaurants, shops and other attractions within the park. Just like with lodgings, reservations for the campgrounds also book up early. It is recommended that reservations for Mather Campground or North Rim Campground be booked months in advance. Desert View Campground doesn’t take reservations. Camping spots fill up as visitors arrive. 

Mather is the only campground that’s open all year long. The other two open in April and May and close in October. If someone is unable to choose between visiting the North Rim and the South Rim, most visitors choose the South Rim. Aside from being open the entire year, the South Rim is located in Arizona (the side of the canyon that’s considered Arizona) and is easier to access. For those who don’t mind the seclusion and taking the “road less traveled,” they can go and visit the North Rim located in Utah (the side of the canyon that’s considered Utah).

The North Rim and South Rim have noticeable differences to the point where they can be seen as two different parks. It takes five hours to drive between the two rims. Although it’s possible to visit both rims during one trip, visiting both rims can warrant a return trip at a later date. 

The West Canyon has the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk. The East Canyon has Horseshoe Bend that is becoming popular to the point that visitors must make a point to see it. Another attraction of the East Canyon which isn’t as popular as it should be would be the Colorado River Tribal Park.