Road trips at any time of the year is an adventure in itself. You know the saying “it’s not always about the destination but about the journey itself” or something along those lines? I think that applies to a road trip. So whether you are planning a road trip for next week or next year, there are some essential items you’ll want to consider taking with you to make your trip an epic one.

Emergency Kit

This includes a first aid kit and a roadside emergency kit. Roadside emergency kits contain battery booster cables, light sticks, a reflective vest, an emergency rain poncho, a warning triangle, whistle, window break, tire pressure gauge, and more. This all-in-one is good to have, road trip or not, so you are prepared for any possible contingency. First aid kits including items like band-aids, antiseptic, bandages, safety pins, is another valuable item to have, especially when the closest town is miles away.

Phone Charger

Not only does your phone serve as your primary mode of communication, but it’s also very possible you will be using it as your navigation as well. Unless you are going totally off the grid and only using paper maps and a compass for your navigation, you will absolutely need a phone charger. With some of the newer technology out there, and if there are a few of you in the car, you might even need a multi-way charger.

Car Mount

A car mount for your phone can easily be overlooked, but it is a great asset to have if you are using your phone for navigation. Instead of relying on a passenger to give you turn-by-turn directions (especially if they doze off) utilize a car mount and save yourself the headache of missing a turn.

Drinks and Snacks

A road trip just isn’t complete with an odd assortment of food and beverages among your group. It’s also good to think ahead with the items if one or more people in your car are picky eaters, or don’t like fast food or gas station food.


Not only are drinks and snacks important, but if you want cold drinks (or have cold food), a cooler will be your best friend. There are some excellent coolers out there that can collapse when not in use, saving you some space as well.


Don’t let silence bog you down and create an awesome playlist to kick your road trip up a notch. You can spend some time and create your own, or take advantage of Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon Music with their specially curated playlists.