On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden swore into the presidency as the 46th president of the United States. One of the first steps he made towards growth was to find ways to alleviate issues with climate change in the world today. This strategy starts with the people Joe Biden has selected for his cabinet and senior management. These people include Gina McCarthy, Jennifer Granholm, Deb Haaland, Michael Regan, and Ali Zaidi.

The majority of the members of his team have a history of integrating climate concerns into numerous policies. This allows for a coordinated approach that allows vulnerable populations not to be overlooked. Joe Biden has committed to helping disadvantaged communities who have lost fossil fuel jobs or opportunities.

Apart from Joe Biden’s job is to undo the errors made by the Trump Administration. The Trump Administration has weakened U.S. environmental regulations from the beginning. The majority of these regulations are meant to reduce gas production emissions or climate change pollution from vehicles and factories. In addition to these modifications, Joe Biden can get the U.S. back on the Paris climate agreement, which is a global agreement with countries towards a healthier way of living.

By 2035, the Biden-Harris environmental project strives to reduce greenhouse gas discharges from the power sector to approximately zero. Throughout 62 major utility programs in the United States, leaders have argued that net-zero emissions in 15 years are too soon. There are issues with implementing federal regulations because they take years to implement. The reason for this is that states are a lot more involved than the federal government.

In the United States, transportation is the nations’ main issuer of carbon dioxide. To change this requires a cooperative effort from multiple levels of the government. Together, they’d need to provide charging stations, clean energy technology, and electric vehicles, which are are all steps towards carbon-free transportation.

This leads to finding a way to create a new climate bill that limits how much emissions is exposed into the world and reduce it over time. President Joe Biden and his team are currently engaging in conversation with lawgivers from fossil-fuel generating states to contribute to this cause. The entire fight against climate is important because the more time goes by, the more that damage to the world becomes irremediable.