Climate change remains the most severe problem society faces today. Ice caps are continuing to melt in the arctic. Droughts are becoming more frequent. Floods tend to last longer in Africa and South America, and floods are creeping further into the U.S. If you want to do your part to stop climate change, here are four lifestyle changes you can do.

Eat Less Meat
At present, more than 10 percent of the world’s land surface is responsible for producing crops. The land’s primary use is to feed cattle and livestock. Aside from taking up space, animals used for meat will require at least one gallon of water per 100 lbs of body weight during the cold season. By eating less meat, you reduce the demand for livestock and, indirectly, reduce the resources consumed by livestock.

Consume Less Dairy
Similar to cattle, dairy cows need a lot of water. Lactating cows need close to four gallons of water per 100 lbs of body weight during the hot season. After grazing, cows also emit huge amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 23 times more potent in effect compared to carbon dioxide.

Reduce Consumption
The era of technology brought about many benefits to the human race, but it also created a society fueled by excess consumption. Nowadays, you can see a product you like online, and you can have it delivered right on your front door by tomorrow. Every phase, from the acquisition of these raw materials up to delivery to customers, involves energy consumption. By limiting the personal use of these goods and services, it reduces market demand, which consequently minimizes the supply created by companies. Less raw materials are required, which means less land excavation is done to source said materials.

Educate the Masses
Educating people is perhaps the most powerful way to stop climate change, or at least slow it down. People living in third-world countries who have no access to environmental-friendly options or high-quality education are more prone to be wasteful and careless of their consumption.

By following these four steps, you can help slow down the rate of climate change. To further amplify results, you should encourage your circle of family and friends to commit to the same lifestyle changes.