Travelers use their smartphones for virtually everything from learning local phrases to catching a cab. Since they use their phones to check the status of an upcoming flight, check baggage, and book a hotel room, it makes sense that the whole trip usually begins with a favorite travel app. Here is a look at the most widely used travel apps.

Culture Trip

This informative app is like traveling with an educated friend. Travelers can create a wish list of cities to explore and are given the option to enter the necessary information and preferences about themselves. The app publishes a plethora of information each month and helps travelers customize their trips with outings and excursions that are most appealing to them. 


Every traveler wants to save money on their upcoming trips, and any app that helps with that process is a welcome addition to the home screen. Hopper operates from a mega-database that pulls information about tons of airlines from multiple sources. Travelers who have a destination in mind and semi-flexible travel dates can enter their city and wait for the prompt, letting them know the best time to book a flight.

App In The Air

This interactive app gives travelers a host of options to make their trips easier, faster, and more accurate. It can be downloaded on multiple devices and connects with Siri. Users can measure their baggage, record and store loyalty points, and get up to the minute information on departures, arrivals, and security wait times. 

Elk Currency Converter

Foreign trips can be complicated for travelers who aren’t good at haggling or calculating conversions quickly in their head. Elk Currency Converter takes the guesswork out of the price negotiations. It is crisp and easy to use, the no fluff version of all the currency conversion options.


The most crucial app to have available for foreign travel is one that gives you quick access to essential words and phrases in the local dialect. Drops offers over thirty languages and multiple underlying dialects as well. There is a free version that can be used daily for a specified number of minutes. The full version can be downloaded for a low fee if desired and offers additional features for learning a new language.