Some people would love to travel but do not have the chance. Those that have watched a good travel documentary know that it is almost as satisfying as traveling in person. Travel documentaries are about visiting distant and sometimes dangerous places in the world that would usually be hard to go to. Those that want to experience the thrill of another place and culture can watch the following Netflix documentaries.

  1. Dark Tourist

The documentary by the New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier is about visiting places that are potentially dangerous and always have something dark about them. The sites visited include war zones, abandoned areas due to radiation, and other places that allow the tourist to get close to death.

  1. Tokyo Idols

Those that are lovers of Japanese culture may be fascinated with the beauty and also creepiness of the strange world of Tokyo idols. The documentary is about people who prefer the world of fantasy that these young teenage girls create over real women.

  1. India’s Frontier Railways

India is notorious for its web of railways that spans throughout the country, and that is the primary source of transportation for many Indians. The railways are a place for families, friends, and different cultures to connect and have time to share their stories. The documentary is about the daily experiences of those traveling and working on the most populated trains in the world.

  1. The Trader (Sovdagari)

This unusual and short documentary is about the life of isolated and rural places in Georgia. The documentary follows the footsteps of a secondhand goods seller throughout the poorest parts of the post-Soviet country. The impoverished people living there are a stark contrast to the rich and fascinating nature of the country.

  1. To Be a Miss

The Miss pageant is not just glamour and roses. In the country of Venezuela, the pageant industry and the desire for female beauty exploits young women who are striving to win the contest. As a result of the uncovering, the Venezuelan pageant was suspended in 2018 due to corruption and exploitation of the participants.

  1. Pedal the World

The documentary follows the memorable travel and experiences along the way of Felix Starck, a German traveler that as cycled 18,000 kilometers across 22 countries.