There is a current, world-wide crisis concerning plastic. Plastic is polluting our lands and bodies of water. Here are some reasons why you should stop ignoring the plastic epidemic.

Chemicals Seep Into Things
Plastic is full of chemicals that tend to seep into things and make things toxic. For example, the chemicals that come out of plastic can be making your local water supplies carcinogenic. Plastic tends to make its way into the bodies of water-dwelling creatures. Unfortunately, plastic and the chemicals that come out of it build up in the bodies of these animals. When you consume fish, there is a good chance that you are also consuming some level of toxins that have come from plastic.

Animals Are Dying
Plastic is known for killing animals in the oceans. It is quite common for different forms of ocean life to get caught in plastic items and die from being immobile or injured. As human beings, people have to step into the shoes of these creatures and have compassion for them.

Plankton are suffering
Plankton are suffering from the existence of plastic in the oceans. The plastic items that float in the ocean block sunlight from the plankton, whose bodies use photosynthesis for nourishment. This is bad because it leads to more creatures needlessly dying. Also, the animals that eat plankton have less food.

Natural cycles are being destroyed
Every living thing on the planet plays a crucial role in the earth’s cycles. For example, plants capture energy from the sun. Herbivores and omnivores consume plants for energy. Lower level herbivores and omnivores get consumed by higher-level herbivores and omnivores. Some plants and creatures need very specific conditions to survive, and many species depend on the existence of other species.Because many species of ocean life are dying off as a result of plastic pollution, the species that rely on them have a harder time existing. For example, plankton is being killed off by plastic. This makes life more difficult for species of animals that rely on the consumption of plankton to survive. The death of plankton may spell out the death of other species of animals.

In conclusion, you should stop ignoring the plastic epidemic because chemicals from plastic seep into places where they shouldn’t be, animals are dying, plankton are suffering and natural cycles in nature are being disturbed.