Millions of people around Texas have gone without power in the middle of their most dangerous winter storm in centuries. Some politicians have gone on to say that this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime situation for Texans but many climate change scientists believe that this is only the start of a grim future for the state. To understand what this crisis is an indicator of climate change, you’ll have to understand the various factors that go into this.

Electrical Grid

The electrical grid that Texas uses is very much different than other states around the country. For example, California could run into a power crisis in which they need more electricity but they then can borrow power from Nevada. The electrical grid in Texas is completely separate, meaning that all of the power the state generates will go completely to itself.

This became a huge issue when the winter storm came by as these power companies simply couldn’t keep up with the demand for extra electricity that has never been seen before in the states. Over the next couple of decades, this could be a huge problem with climate change as more of these winter storms can devastate these power companies to the point where customers won’t have electricity for weeks or months on end.

North Pole

Just last year, credible researchers released a paper in which they explain that they believe winter storms have strongly increased in the north-eastern part of the United States in the past decade. This hasn’t affected areas of Texas until now and researchers believe that this is all linked together.

The North Pole is largely responsible for the storms we see during the winter months of the year. The reason for this is that the North Pole brings cold air in what is called a winter vortex down the United States that affects how cold it can get. As the North Pole continues to melt, a lot of that cold air can start to be pushed further south to the point where we might start seeing winter storms like this in Texas every couple of years or even yearly.

For this reason, Texans must focus on what they can do against climate change and how they can change their infrastructure to better handle these winter storms.